Support Mechanism

As a franchisee, we are committed to your success and we have designed a comprehensive suite of services and technology for you to operate a successful franchise. Our support includes:

Standardized and Balanced Curriculum

  • Standardized Scheme of Works, Unit and Daily Lesson Planning
  • Our Curriculum is balanced as it is focusing on 21st century skills like;
    • Personality Development
    • Social Intelligence
    • Moral Intelligence
    • Cultural Intelligence
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Ethics & Values
    • Along with basic subject understanding

Developed in-house with a team of experts, the Curriculum team will also impart training for the successful and effective implementation of the same in the classroom.

Professional Training Programs

Special pre-operational training programs (Mandatory)

  • Training for Franchisee
  • Training for School Heads
  • Training for Teachers

Ongoing Training programs for all levels

  • A comprehensive Training Calendar will be shared with School Heads before the start of Academic Year

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Regular monitoring of applied systems & procedures
  • Teacher training need analysis
  • Campus / classroom observation visits
  • Campus Evaluation 

Electronic & Print Media Presence

  • We provide our own general promotion of Premier brand on electronic media, print media and websites — from the Head Office, without additional charges to the Network Partners

Site Development Guidelines

  • Research demographic information for your preferred area
  • Research and recommend sites that meet our criteria
  • Complete territory Guidance
  • On board construction company

School Operation Manuals

To facilitate our Network Partners for smooth running of business we shall provide:

  • Academic Manual
  • Operation Manual
  • Accounting Manual
  • HR Handbook
  • Marketing Handbook
  • Brand Book

High Tech Web Portal and Technology Assistance


Centralized web portal for all the stakeholders that includes the following:

  • Administrative and Academic Material
  • Staff Management System
  • Student Management System
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Marketing and Promotional material
  • Complaint Management

Nationwide Marketing Support

  • The Network Partner receives a full cycle of basic ready-to-use promotional materials
  • Market research to help maximize enrollment
  • Targeted advertisement on Social Media Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google etc. on nominal charges

Hiring and Recruitment Support

  • PGS Head Office team shall facilitate the Network Partners for hiring the School Head and teaching faculty for the franchised unit.
  • Prerequisites for Teacher hiring, Teachers have to clear the pre-qualifier test prior to hiring followed by completion of “Premier Teacher on board” training program before entering in the class

Encouraging students to become independent learners with the desires, the skills, and the abilities necessary for lifelong learning.

PGS Head Office: Premier American School Building Main Canal Road, (5 miles from Royal Palm), Towards Jallo Park – 54850 Lahore-Pakistan. 0331-6541112  042 3654 1112 – 4