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Premier Grammar School

Premier Grammar School (PGS) is delighted to announce the successful launch of a prestigious school system. We are going to provide quality standardized education at an affordable price through furnished and well-equipped school campuses across Pakistan.
We will provide regular academic and administrative support to our Network Partners. Unified school operations and procedures, policies, curriculum, scheme of work, daily lesson plans, relevant resources and teaching aids, examination papers , event and management calendar will be same across our network. We will help our Network Partners improve their strengths and overcome their weaknesses through a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation program.
We will be connected with our Network Partners, students, parents and other stakeholders through our unique web portal system and this will enable us to have steady online platform to share the ideas, concerns and provide immediate support and assistance to address the challenges.
We are aiming to establish an education system, which is the best, affordable and ensures a prosperous future for all stakeholders including; network partners, management, faculty, students and parents.


If you are an Entrepreneur, Engineer, Doctor, Ex-Army Officer...


We ensure to provide a stimulating learning environment through balanced, creative and standardized curriculum.


Our unified assessment and examination system will play vital role for students’ learning goals.


PGS Network Partners can avail exclusive benefits

Our Philosophy

  • Premier Grammar Schools ensure to provide a stimulating, safe and unique environment for learning and teaching through balanced and creative curriculum.
  • We aim to equip the teachers and school leaders by giving them opportunities for continuous professional training programs on national and International fora.
  • We intend to develop a comprehensive assessment system to measure the academic strengths and areas of developments of our students and we assure to support them for the attainment of their academic targets and goals of their lives.
  • We will oversee, develop, evaluate and continuously provide our support services to our Network Partners to build high quality infrastructure for safe, secure and healthy environment

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Encouraging students to become independent learners with the desires, the skills, and the abilities necessary for lifelong learning.

PGS Head Office: Premier American School Building Main Canal Road, (5 miles from Royal Palm), Towards Jallo Park – 54850 Lahore-Pakistan.
info@pgs.org.pk 0331-6541112  042 3654 1112 – 4