Health Care

All incoming families are expected to provide up-to-date medical records (medical history, immunization records etc.) which are kept in secure files in the School office. Throughout the school year the Doctor administers medicines, does routine health screening (such as vision and hearing), contacts parents as required regarding student health, and engages with the wider school community on issues of nutrition, general health and safety.

A complete emergency medical kit is kept in the secure location designated for medications. The kits are readily available at all times. A protocol for updating and monitoring the kit is established. All the other staff members are appropriately educated about the recognition and treatment, in case of emergency. The contents of the kit should be determined by the school health professionals. The child care guidelines kit contents can be used as a reference.

Parents, legal guardians, or designated emergency contact persons are informed as quickly as possible about injuries to their children at school. The description and disposition of significant illnesses or injuries (including the illnesses or injuries for which a student, staff member, or visitor is released from school to visit a physician or hospital) are documented on an illness and injury form.