Academic Program


PGS feels that a strong early childhood foundation is paramount for future success for children, not only academically but socially as well. Pre-School has 03 sections, Pre–School, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten. Prospective students for Pre-School have to be 3 years old to be accepted into the Pre-School class.

Pre-school is a place where children begin their learning process by way of play and fun. PGS uses an activity and theme-based instructional model for its early childhood classes from Pre-School to Kindergarten.

Primary School:

We pride ourselves on creating an environment for our Primary Section, where students are challenged to reach their full potential. The Primary Level at PGS is a place where students thrive academically, experience learning in a secure and continually evolving child-centered environment.

Our talented and highly qualified faculty is dedicated to the academic, social and emotional growth of each student. A very special program has been designed for the Primary level students at PGS, which combines technology as an integral part of the whole study program. It provides a strong base for students to enter into the middle school level.

Middle School:

The Middle School at consists of Grades 5 through 8 and connects Elementary School to High School, while focusing on the needs of early adolescents. The Middle School at PAS is a time of academic and social growth, which prepares students for the challenges in High School and beyond.

During the four years of Middle School, PAS students take a series of core academic classes which are complemented by exploratory courses. The core subjects in the Middle School are English language, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. These courses provide a foundation of skills and knowledge that allows students to progress to more rigorous challenges in High School. In addition to coursework, Middle School students at PGS also engage in extracurricular activities. At Middle-Level teachers and staff work together to develop the skills of the students in order to ensure their success at school and in life.

High School:

PGS will be initiating High School Level in the upcoming year. We will be offering Matriculation and O Level Programs to our students. High School is the key place for students to determine their future prospects. PGS will be providing complete guidance and counseling to our students in terms of selection of future educational opportunities and making them ready for early college years.