Welcome to PGS


PGS program is based on British Model of Education which requires maintaining International level standards at every Campus. PGS is offering quality Pre-School to High School (O-Level & Matriculation) Education at Economical Fee Structure. PGS is monitored and managed by top Educationists both Foreign & Local, which offer excellent training & development opportunities for our Faculty. Our aim is to prepare students to compete in top Colleges & Universities locally and especially foreign countries for their better future.


PGS is offering a continuous program of instruction which is concerned with the needs of individual students. The core emphases are on preparing students for core subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, and Computer Technology. We believe that these are the fundamental subjects for future education. The following subjects are also basic to program: Science, Social Studies, Islamiyat, and Urdu. The curriculum is designed in such a way that PGS will keep our socio-cultural values intact, and at the same time aims to provide Global exposure to our students.

The curriculum has been designed to develop the '' Whole Person '' of each child (Intellectual, Physical, Aesthetic and Moral). Every effort will be made to challenge students towards excellence and to meet individual needs.

The overall curriculum has been divided into 04 stages, Pre-School, Primary Section, Middle Section and High School each one is essential for students but it connects one to another.

Books & Study Materials:

PGS believes in providing the best and quality Educational books and study materials to its students. Therefore we utilize OXFORD University Press published books as per our Curriculum guidelines; which ensures a modern and organized scheme of study in continuity to our students.

Furthermore, a comprehensive training and orientation are provided by the publisher for Faculty members throughout the year. We also utilize excellent learning equipment for our Pre-School section which includes equipment required for different skill sets and technology-based e-learning facilities.


PGS has qualified, skilled, certified and diverse faculty members. We maintain a high level of accountability from our teaching staff to ensure that our students receive the highest quality of service to their educational needs.

Regular training in the latest methodology is carried out to ensure our teachers are informed and have access to the latest techniques. Training is provided for: teaching methodology, communication skills, classroom management and appropriate student behavior management to all teaching staff members by Principal and certified trainers.